United Arab Emirates

Join Date: 01 Jan. 2008
Member Type: Receiving

Responsible Entities

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation


Since 2008, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, United Arab Emirates (UAE) has served as the Permanent Secretariat, as well as participating Member State, of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue. 

In the UAE’s capacity as Permanent Secretariat, the UAE plays a leading role in providing technical and administrative support to the incumbent Chair, commissioning studies and reports to serve as inputs to the ADD, as well as drafting bilateral agreements to promote cooperation fostered by the ADD. In addition to these tasks the UAE has spearheaded several key projects pertaining to recruitment, skills development and pre-departure and post-arrival worker orientation.

The UAE is the fifth largest destination country for migrants worldwide. Remittances from the UAE, according to World Bank figures (2016) amount to approximately USD $19.2 billion annually. In recent years, the UAE has taken significant steps to increase mobility within the labour market and improve protections for guest workers, with the introduction of legislation, enforcement mechanisms, and multilateral cooperation with partner COD and COO countries. 

On-going Projects:

An Alternative Model of Labour Recruitment

Pairing: UAE and Philippines

Certification and Mutual Recognition of Skills

Pairing: UAE and India

Pairing: UAE and Pakistan

Comprehensive Information and Orientation Programmes (CIOP)

Pairing: UAE and Sri Lanka

Pairing: UAE and Philippines


Contact Info:

E-mail: ad.dialogue@mohre.gov.ae